Chef & Owner Anna Vogel

                                                                                                Sous Chefs Jeff Tremaine, John Wilson, and Christopher Lesonik




Grilled lambs tongue I pickled chanterelle, caper and herb ravigote sauce,

red beet and apple balsamic puree, parsnip chips +gf   12

Bruschetta I pancetta, spinach, fontina, caramelized onions, tomato sauce   11

Ricotta and spinach dumplings I brown butter, sage and parmesan   12

Prosciutto di parma I house made mozzarella, basil, spiced fig jam +gf   13

Beef sirloin carpaccio I shaved parmesan, basil oil, arugula, capers +gf   13

Charred octopus I spicy tomato oil, potatoes, lemon parsley salad +gf   15



Winter salad belgium endive, fennel, frisee, arugula, toasted hazelnuts,

white truffle vinaigrette, shaved parmesan +gf   9

Italia caesar I romaine leaf, lemon caesar dressing, garlic crouton    9



Our pastas are handmade in house

Fresh fish of the day I sustainable catch inspired   market price

Kurobuta pork rib chop I frascatelli carbonara, madeira butter brussels sprouts,

ragu of chanterelles and pearl onion sauce   31

Squid ink fettucine and spicy wild shrimp I tomato sauce, jalapeno, garlic,

chili flakes, lemon gremolata, basil   28

Roasted quail I sausage stuffed, crispy polenta, charred broccoli,

pancetta and castelvetrano olive piccata sauce +gf   31

Ricotta, yam, and almond stuffed raviolis I cocoa and red wine braised rabbit,

baby carrots, caramelized brussels sprouts, parmesan  28

Coulotte steak I creamy potato parsnip, carrot mousse, charred broccoli,

marsala sauce, black garlic and white truffle butter +gf   31

Wild boar I red wine tomato braised boar, cavatelli pasta,

cherry pepper and parsley salad, parmesan   27

Grilled triple lamb chops I roasted kabocha squash puree,

crispy goat cheese gnocchi, caramelized leek red wine sauce   30

Chestnut gnocchi I chanterelles, prosciutto, leek confit,

creamy robiola cheese sauce   28

Polenta lasagna I cremini mushrooms, spinach, caramelized onions,

 fontina cheese, tomato basil butter sauce +gf  24

Pappardelle lamb ragu I red wine braised lamb, pecorino cheese, fresh mint  26

Spaghetti and meatballs I red sauce, (eggless noodle is not made in house)  21

Italia burger I american kobe beef, gorgonzola aioli or cheddar, 

pepperonata, lettuce, tomato, dijonnaise, house made milk and butter bun, fries or caesar   16

add kansas city bacon  1.50                 add a fried egg  2.50



Roasted cauliflower I golden raisins, capers, pine nuts +gf  8

Spaghetti I olive oil, parmesan   8


Menu subject to daily changes